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Sport Relief 2018
Sport Relief has been a fun filled week of sports, challenges and even a Danceathon. Lunchtimes, throughout the week, saw lots of children taking part in sports challenges from hula-hooping to a mini tennis challenge. Activities took place in both the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds with older children having the opportunity to lead challenges for the lower years. KS2 have loved being able to interact with KS1 in a relaxed setting, Mrs Britton said: ‘It has been wonderful to watch Key Stage 2 play and lead activities with the younger children; they are so caring and patient’.
During the afternoons, classes took turns to lead a sports activity for each other. Year 6 led a game of cricket for Year 3, Christopher really enjoyed the afternoon: ‘it was cool playing with Year 6’. KS1 spent an afternoon enjoying multiskills activities, led by Year 2. The children were interested in being responsible for showing and teaching Year 1 various skills.
Friday was a dress up day, as a sports person or in sportswear. Pupils and teachers pulled out all the stops and we had a mini Darcey Bussell, Andy Murray, lots of runners and a very brightly dressed footballer! The whole school got involved in a Danceathon led by Mrs Poole in the playground on Friday afternoon. We learnt a dance for ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman. All children loved the dance and being able to mix with other year groups outside. There were some superstar dancers who really took on the challenge of learning a new dance in less than half an hour, it was fantastic to watch!
Overall, Sport Relief week allowed St Mary’s a fun filled and exciting week incorporating a range of sports, opportunities for children to learn new skills and improve their resilience and ‘have a go’ attitude. The whole school has been active and loved it and most importantly we raised £139.37 for Sport Relief!
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Inter School Competitions


Basketball Festival

Year 5 went to Beaminster School for a basketball festival. We were in the big sports hall with lots of children from all different schools, we were split into different teams and we had to practise all sorts of different skills. We learnt how to dribble, how to shoot, how to pass and the different rules of basketball! At the end of the skills we played in lots of different matches against all the other teams. It was really fun to be able to play matches and I thought it was the best bit.

Freya (year 5)

Badminton Competition- October 2017          

Year 6 were entered into a Badminton competition at Colfox. I enjoyed our badminton day as it was lots of fun. We were in groups, reunited with our old friends and we had a blast. At the end of the day every single person got a t-shirt. My favourite activity was the one where we saw who could throw the shuttle cock the furthest.

Amy (year 6)




Netball Competition- December 2017

In December, year 5 and 6 went to play in a netball tournament, held at Colfox. It involved teams from lots of different primary schools. We were able to wear the school kit and felt very smart as we arrived in our matching uniforms. The first games we played were against two other teams and the winner from that set went on to play again and so on. We got through to the second rounds and found out at the end of the day that we came fourth! Everybody played extremely well and we all felt really proud of ourselves and each other. It was a really lovely afternoon and was nice to see other schools.


Football Competition- Kenway Cup- December 2017

On Wednesday 6th December, St Mary’s had a football match against St Catherine’s. The match was played on our school field in the afternoon. Even though the weather wasn’t brilliant we were able to continue playing. We had to warm up first of all while we waited for the other team to arrive, it was quite scary because parents from the other school were watching us. By the end of the first half we were all getting tired and were drawing 0-0. We had a few players swap onto the pitch and got going quickly so that we didn’t get cold. It was brilliant to see the team helping each other. Marley helped Harvey when he fell over and hurt himself. Sean commented that we showed great sportsmanship by shaking the hands of the other players. Everyone was really proud of Konrad, the goalie, who saved so many goals. By the end of the match St Catherine’s won 4-0, but we all had a really fun afternoon.

Running Event- January 2018

Colmers Hill is a huge hill that loads of different schools run around as a race and whichever school wins gets a trophy (and second and third). The starting line is at the bottom of the hill and we have to run round and up and then back down again. There is a girl’s race and a boy’s race. In the girls race there were 38 children and a lot more in the boy’s race. It was absolutely freezing cold and very muddy. It was quite early in the morning which is why it was so cold. My favourite part was when I finished the race because I felt really proud of myself, especially when I found out the place that I came. Ava in year 6 managed to come 4th in the whole race!

 Maddie, year 5      run

Football Competition- Kenway Cup February 2018

After school on February 5th the football team (Ashley (6), Tim (6), Adi (6), Stephen (6), Sean (5), Harvey (5) and Konrad (5)) went to Bridport Primary School to play another football match as part of the Kenway Cup. On arrival, we had to warm up really quickly because we needed to play the match before it got dark and because it was absolutely freezing! We did a few drills and shot some goals at Konrad to make sure we were ready. Then we kicked off the match. Everybody worked really hard and Bridport were a tough team! At halftime we were down 8-0 but managed to keep cheering each other on and had a team talk whilst eating the oranges we had been given. We entered the second half with loads of enthusiasm and we had several attempts at goal. The final score was 11-0 but everybody showed incredible amounts of sportsmanship, resilience and perseverance. The team should be exceptionally proud of themselves, they were great representatives of St. Marys and did Miss Donovan and Miss Rumsby very proud. 

Football Competition- Kenway Cup March 2018

On Friday 23rd March we played in a football match on our football field against Burton Bradstock. It was a lovely afternoon, freezing cold but very sunny. The game was very evenly matched but we listened to Miss. Donovan, kept looking up and passing and just before half time, Sean scored our first goal! We had a quick rest and talk with the team, ate some oranges and quickly got on with the match. The second half was much harder work, Burton kept getting corners so there were a couple of near misses but our defence stayed strong and Konrad did a brilliant job of saving goals. We ended the match with big smiles as we won 2-1 and shook the other team’s hands.

Running Event- February

This year Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (running club members) took part in a cross country run at Beaminster School.  The race was 1500m and it was very muddy. In the girls race there were 72 children Years 4, 5 and 6 and Ava May in year six came 6th out of everyone! The race was tiring and muddy but the running club did really well. Everyone had a great afternoon and all enjoyed it! Well done Running Club!

Abigail Year 4


Year 6 girls cricket Inter School Competition

On the 5th March 7 girls from year 6 went to Colfox to play indoor cricket against Parenaxe school. Unfortunately, they won by 6 points but everyone had a great afternoon and worked well as a team.Lili said she enjoyed batting. Keeley said I loved batting and learning more about the game. Amy explained ‘I had so much fun it was an amazing experience!’

So the only bad thing about this trip is that we lost but we all enjoyed working together and developing our cricket skills!

By Poppy Year 6

Dance Festival- Year 3 – Friday 9th March

Last Friday, Year 3 took part in the annual Dance Festival at Freshwater. There were lots of different Primary School there from the Bridport Cluster who showcased their hard work throughout the afternoon led by students from the Sir John Colfox Academy. St Mary’s worked hard for weeks on a samba dance, choreographed by Miss Legg and Miss Poole. The children loved learning the moves and looked great in their outfits! Chris said “I enjoyed the dance festival. It was fun and I was proud that I joined in


 with the dance.” Lola said “I really liked watching the dances from the other schools, it was good to see what costumes they had.” Miss Foote was impressed by Year 3’s enthusiasm and all the children are very proud of themselves for their fantastic performance! Well done Year 3!

Miss Foote


Yr6 Tag Rugby - Interschool Competition

On Saturday 10th March a couple of yr6 pupils went to the Leisure Centre to play tag rugby. The team who attended was: Lili, Ashley, Poppy, Tim, Adi, Keeley, Liam and Ciaran.

It was a great afternoon playing different teams. Everyone showed fantastic team work and persevered with the muddy conditions!

 ‘I really enjoyed it because it was against a whole load of schools not just one,’ said Lili. Poppy explained ‘I enjoyed beating some of the schools but not hitting my head and having a big bruise for two weeks which happened to me last time!’

All children showed passion and commitment to the sport and enjoyed the opportunity to develop their skills.

Lili (Year 6)


Intra School Competitions

Football Competition- Key Stage 2- October 2017

On Wednesday, Key Stage 2 spent the afternoon out on the field competing in an intra-school football tournament. Years 3 and 4 went head to head, as did Year 5 and 6. Everyone got involved and showed great sportsmanship. 

Child inYear 5 said ‘The football tournament was very exciting and fair. People who don’t usually play were included.’ Miss Foote was impressed by the fantastic goalkeeping and dribbling skills during the match. Despite the muddy pitches, all pupils got stuck in and had a positive active afternoon.   


Tag Rugby Competition- Year 5 and 6 - February 2018

On Wednesday afternoon year 5 and 6 got together for a tag rugby tournament. We were split into 4 teams: A, B, C and D. We had to warm up first so we did lots of exercises copying Ashley, such as side stepping, skipping and running followed by some stretches. We then had to go straight into a game. It's hard remembering all the different rules, especially passing backwards! Everybody joined in and played and there was lots of tagging. All of the teams played really well and worked together as a team and it was lovely to hear people cheering each other on. Overall the winning team was team A with 9 points, team C was a close second with 8 points, team 3 came third with 6 points and D finished with 3 points. Despite the freezing cold weather everybody had a great time and showed a great deal of sportsmanship. 

Dodgeball- Year 3 and 4- February 2018

Miss Donovan organised an afternoon of dodgeball for Years 3 and 4 on the last day before half term. The years were split into teams and all teams had the opportunity to compete against one another. The tournament was full of energy with all children taking part. The games required good communication skills and lots of teamwork. Isla (Year 3) said: “I really liked playing with Year 4 because we don’t normally get to do PE with them.” Jacob (Year 4) said: “I didn’t want to join in at first because I was worried I’d get hit but I did and it was really fun.”

Physical Education at St Mary’s

Gym display- Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Key Stage 1 at St Mary's Bridport have been working hard this half term in their gymnastic lessons to prepare for a gymnastics display. Year 2 'were all in it together', with an exciting well rehearsed routine. Emelia (Year 2) said 'It was fun! My favourite part was jumping off the horse. I liked that we got to show other classes.' Year 1 concentrated on ribbon work and were very keen to include their own creative ideas for the sequence which included balances, jumps and rolls. After the performance Maisie (Year 1) said, 'I really liked it. All the things we did were amazing. My favourite was the teddy bear roll.' Reception 'boogied on down,' to GoNoodle showing flare, excitement and great enthusiasm. Harrison was excited to explain 'I really like the clapping in our song and showing Year 1 and Year 2.'  All children, as always, showed great resilience, perseverance and teamwork. An outstanding morning of physical activity and incredibly proud staff across the key stage.


Cricket competition- Year 5 and 6- Tuesday 6th March

Year 5 and 6 have played a cricket tournament. Year 5 batted first and scored 57 points. To score a point you have to run to the wicket and back and your partner had to do the same. You could also score points by hitting the ball really far out of the playing area. Then it was year 6's turn to bat. They scored 100 points! The fielders had to try and catch the ball whenever they could and stop the batters running. It was really fun! 

(Oakley, 5)


Year 5- Leisure Centre- January 2018

As part of our PE learning this term, year 5 have been going over to Bridport Leisure Centre for gymnastics. We have to do lots of different activities, including jumping over different shapes, having to do different balances, vaulting, bar work and handstands. Theo says that it is a great way to start the week and he really enjoys working on the bars. There are lots of brilliant gymnasts in year 5 – the teachers often look scared when we do front and back flips! Next term we will be able to do trampolining and different team games too.


Tag Rugby Coach

Tag Rugby coach supported Year 6 staff to develop their skills and understanding of tag rugby, to be taught in the Spring Term. A Year 6 child said: ‘It was fun because we got to chase each other around and use lots of energy!’ 





Year 3 and Year 6’s cricket afternoon
On Tuesday the 20th of March, Year 6 taught the Year 3’s how to play cricket. We split into four groups with some Year 6’s mixed in with the Year 3’s. We asked a few children what they liked about the cricket-Beth from year 6 said;” I liked encouraging the Year 3’s on.” Elijah from Year 3 said;” It was fun and I liked it when the Year six’s helped me when I was struggling and I liked being backstop.”
One of the scores for the first indoor game was a draw with 54-54, everybody had a go at everything. Everyone really enjoyed the event and were amazing at all times and put in a lot of effort. A great afternoon for everyone with Year 6 showing great leadership allowing Year 3 opportunities to develop their cricket skills!   
By Amy Year 6 
IMG 7477

Extra Curricular opportunities at St Mary’s

Please see the club overview to find out what clubs are offered at St Marys. We are lucky to have Tennis Coach Joe Chadwick in offering a weekly tennis club to Key Stage 2. Attending extra-curricular clubs allows children to participate in sport in a different setting to that in school hours. Smaller groups increase an individual’s likelihood to participate due to a more relaxed atmosphere, for some children this relieves the pressure on performance and focusses them more on the enjoyment of the sport. Clubs enable children to work with others from their Key Stage that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to engage with in a sporting environment. For some of the older pupils, they are provided with the occasion to help lead part of the club which challenges their organisation and leadership skills. Through the clubs on offer, Key Stage 2 children are able to enter inter-school competitions throughout the year, this allows these children to develop certain skills such as discipline and perseverance, the opportunity for this does not always arise in the school day. Pupils at St Mary’s are fortunate to be able to benefit from the wide range of clubs on offer across both Key Stages, giving a chance to try something new or develop existing skills.

This Girl Can

This girl can is a club run by Bridport Leisure Centre on a Tuesday afternoon that offers girls the chance to do lots of different sporting activities that vary each week. The club does activities such as hula hooping, kickboxing, boxing, self-defence and ball games. The instructors are very friendly and nice to everybody and the girls all enjoy going. Kadie in Year 5 explains that she enjoys learning about self-defence whereas Maddie (year 5) prefers the ball games. Taiya (year 6) has found that she really enjoys boxing. The chance to participate in all of these different activities means the girls can find new things that they enjoy doing.

Swimming lessons                                           hoop            swim

At the end of year 6, children have to be able to swim a length of the pool confidently. Some children in year 5 and 6 have been attending extra swimming lessons to support them with this. Sean (year 5) says that he loves being able to go underwater and holding his breath and has been enjoying all different types of swimming strokes. Lexi (year 5) feels proud that she is able to try front crawl swimming and back stroke. Autumn (year 6) says that the best bit is that they are never forced to do anything that they don’t want to do so it is very fun and she enjoys herself. It has helped her swim a lot better than I used to. Some children have already been able to prove they can swim so have shown great progress in a short amount of time!

Great attitude to improving and active engagement with swimming has been identified by Lily and Eden who have taken out a swimming membership and are coming swimming every other day – Great to see!

St Mary’s Primary an Active School

Whole School Challenge

Every Friday afternoon the whole school have been coming together on KS2 playground to have a house team competition. The Sports ambassadors tell their house what the competition is and help organise. All children have a great positive attitude and show consideration of all ages with encouragement and support.

A child in Year 3 said ‘It is fun. I like ball games and that the whole school does it. Its better with more people, I like being with different classes.’   A child in Year 5 said ‘It’s healthy. I like the challenges.’ A child in Year 2 said ‘I enjoyed when we had to pass the ball over our heads down the line.’

Go Noodle

Classes are using Go Noodle 2/3 times a day. Children are engaged and are prepared for learning using the activities. A child in Year 4 said ‘I like listening to the music and dancing. I like not sitting down and it helps me concentrate more after.’ A child in Year 2 said ‘I like Go Noodle because it’s exciting and fun and I like doing it at different times in the day.’

Sport Ambassadors

The Sport Ambassadors and children from Years 6 and 5 have been organising activities at lunchtime in Key Stage 1 and 2. The children lead different activities including skipping, hula hooping, football and netball. They set challenges and encourage children to beat their personal best. This week the children organised a dodgeball competition which involved many children across the school.




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